Timber extraction by horse ---- Film and promotional work -- Horse logging courses Practical courses, five days long, conducted on a one to one basis on a working site

Our fully insured and experienced crew ensures quality work combining a traditional skill with modern sustainable forestry management- the natural way to work woodland

The advantages of using a professional horse logger to extract timber are;

- Selective thinning is economical as no extra trees are cut down than needed

-The low impact of horses leaves the forest floor in good condition

- No need for line thinning reduces risk of windblown trees

- Ensures your remaining standing trees are undamaged

- Ideal for wet, steep, rough and small plantations

- Leaves no timber behind on the forest floor

- Minimal disturbance to wildlife

- No pollution of waterways


For the past twenty eight years I have worked and trained heavy draught horses in all road, field and forest operations across Ireland - a trade I learned in the traditional manner where it was passed down through my family from father to son. This heavy horse heritage and the range of work we do with various breeds of these magnificent horses can be viewed in the archive below. References are available on request.
Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Tom Nixon, Athenry, County Galway, Ireland
mobile; 086 038 4857
email; tomnixonheavyhorses@hotmail.com

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Forest Training & Education Ireland Ltd.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Working Horse Course

Working the Land with Horses

A one day introductory course 
to the art of organic farming using horses

This course takes place in
Ballinreeshig Nature Farm, 
Ballygarvan, Co. Cork

If you would like to book a place please call 087 13 66 373

Course costs 70 euros including warm lunch

For further information visit  www.willandaway.ie 

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, new start

This winter, so the old people are saying, is the coldest one in Ireland since 1947- and it feels every bit of it in County Galway where we have just moved to

It took an axe and sledge to break through ice so we could get the horses safely across a turloch to their new pasture

Initially we came to Galway to complete some timber contracts, but the interest that forest owners in this region have shown in our logging service combined with us securing more contracts here, has prompted us to move our entire operation to Connaught.

Another advantage to run the business in this county is it's geographical location. Being in the centre of Ireland means we can better service clients countrywide- made all the easier because of Galway's new road infrastructure.

We have chosen Athenry as a new base because of the cluster of timber related trades and resources around this town, which we will detail in the coming year along with various exciting programmes that Trojan Heavy  Horses have initiated.

A hardy but bright start to the New Year.